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1st BridgeHouse Securities, LLC is boutique investment bank that sources, structures, and delivers investment banking advice and solutions to a wide array of innovative and aspiring growth companies.


We are a collaboration of talented investment banking professionals who have an individual average of over 25 years of experience in the financial sector and advising a myriad of diverse industries.  Our investment bankers have held senior positions with other well-known financial services firms and bring diverse backgrounds and a wealth of experience to the 1st BridgeHouse group of companies.


Our strength is in structuring and providing innovative and efficient solutions in the private equity markets for early stage and medium sized companies that have complex issues such as: accessing the capital markets; restructuring balance sheets; and looking for merger or acquisition opportunities.  Because we specialize in working with early stage and medium sized companies we regularly discuss such opportunities with hedge funds, family offices, pension funds, institutional investors, foundations and trusts. We bring our operational proficiency, expansive relationships, and negotiation expertise to ensure that our clients achieve superior results regardless of industry or economic headwinds.


With our mission of delivering innovative financial solutions and seizing on an opportunity to leverage our investment banking experience along with recent regulatory changes affecting the private placement general solicitation rules, 1st BridgeHouse advised on the development of the eBarnRaiser Platform, transforming the capital raising and investment banking process digitally and vastly expanding the universe of prospective investors and ushering in Investment Banking in the 21st Century.



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The key principle behind buying a company is to enhance shareholder value above the sum of the original two companies and to create operational efficiencies and profitability moving forward.  Thus “one plus one equals three” is the foundational equation when considering a merger or an acquisition.  1st BridgeHouse understands this math and is prepared to advise both acquirers or target companies on the best way forward. 

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1st BridgeHouse has the ability to build powerful sales networks with other investment banking firms.  This process in Investment Banking is known a syndication.  By inviting other firms to show their offerings using our platform everyone benefits by:

  • Expands our access to more quality offerings from multiple sources.

  • Enables investors from many broker dealers to look at more deals.

  • Increases the odds of a successful capital raise for our investment banking clients.


While this process is customary to Investment Banking professionals, we have developed proprietary technology to allow our syndicate member firms to directly show our offerings on their website and/or private label our portals as their own.  This increases the visibility of our issuers and increases the potential of successful capital raises. 

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Offering of Securities, Private or Public

If an offering of securities is required, 1st BridgeHouse can help determine the best route to take to achieve this objective. While sometimes a private placement, PIPR (Private Issuer Public Raise), PIPE (Private Investment in Public Equity) may make sense, in other times a public offering may be necessary. Our role is to always give unbiased advice and assistance to our corporate clients in order to reach the best possible investment banking solution.


Private Placements 

1st BridgeHouse has historically helped companies raise capital through the exempt private placement of securities (commonly known as Reg. D offerings) which is by far the most prevalent financing vehicle in the private markets by a factor of 30X vs public equity. 1st BridgeHouse Securities has advised companies in a variety of stages, from closely held companies, to early stage development companies, as well as mature stage companies seeking growth capital. We have worked on an advisory basis and/or as placement agent on transactions ranging from as small as $1.2 million to as large as $78 million.


1stBridgeHouse has coined the term PIPR (Private Issue Public Raise) which when an investor is reviewing a potential deal indicates that it is a private issuer that is engaging in a public raise.  This broad based solicitation is now allowed thanks to the passage of the JOBS Act.  



1st BridgeHouse is its people.  As a previous FINRA member Broker Dealer since 1998 creating and delivering unique investment banking an advisory solutions to a wide array of capital markets participants. 1st BridgeHouse has developed a team of knowledgeable, experienced and creative Investment Bankers.


The team of registered investment bankers, with an average of over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, have held senior positions with well-known financial services firms and all bring a diverse background of wealth experiences.  Principals have 75 years of combined of Investment experience.


The 1st BridgeHouse advantages:


  • Experienced bankers and firm with record of successful capital raises

  • Provides wide range of services

  • Knowledge of regulatory process

  • Creative thinkers developing new ways of raising capital

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